samedi 24 avril 2010

song of the inflatable doll

This is an old one but i thought i should put it there. 

My skin has the sweetest smell…of plastic

My lips are of the brightest red. It is called Red #Fa712d.

I’ll be so tiny in your arms at first, like a virgin out of her box

Only your warm breath will turn me into the woman you want me to be,

The deeper your breathing will get to me, the harder and tighter my body will get.

I will not ask for anything, I will be all yours, no resistance from me.

I will not cost you much, $39,99 for a life time.

I was labeled “PRC” but call me as you wish.

I’ll be by your side but not in your way.

I will not cry if I come after your friends, your job, your dog, football season, your neighbors’

I don’t need you to be here for me, but I’ll be here for you when you need me too.

I’ll give all I have to make you relax, and never have headaches

You can kiss your girlfriend and make love to her, I will not be jealous

But she might be, girls do not like me.

So after we enjoy our time together, don’t forget to put me back in my box,

Deep, deep, deep down in your closet, I’ll be silent there.

Just please remember to:
- Keep me out of children’s reach
- Keep me away from hot surfaces
- Wipe me with a damp cloth after use

My skin has the sweet smell of plastic,

My lips are the brightest red…

I was labeled “PRC” but you can call me Emy or Dolly, or anything you want…

Song of the inflatable doll.

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